Presentation of the National Superior School of Political Science

A - Legal and Organizational Framework:

The Higher National School of Political Science, ENSSP ( Ecole Nationale Superieure de Sciences Politiques), was established according to the executive decree No. 09-251, dated 19,  Shaaban, 1430, coincided 10, August, 2009, due to the proposal and  order of his Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The School is under his tutelage conforming to the provision of article 3 of the executive order No. 05-500 dated 27, Thu al Qaadah, 1426, coincided 29, December, 2005. The decree delineates the School’s mission independent of the university and the specific regulations of its operation and organization.

Beginning in 2016, the School follows in terms of administration, operation, and organization the regulatory provisions of the executive order No. 16-176, dated 14, June. This order draws out the basic framework law.


B – Goals and Mission of the School

The Higher National School of Political Science is a public institution, scientific, professional, and cultural in character, with a legal personality and financial autonomy.

The School is a pole of excellence for high standard education to the advantage of various sectors.

  • Its purpose focuses on three aspects: education, training, and scientific research.
  • Within the frame of higher education the School’s mission is to ensure:
    - high standard education,
    - scientific research,
    - innovation, awareness, renewal and technological development.In the field of higher education the School is specialized in Political Science and International Relations.
  • The School provides to train highly qualified professionals.
  • The School prepares the students to continue for the second academic degree.
  • The methods of scientific research are taught in theory and through practice.
  • The School is dedicated to developing, expanding and sharing knowledge.
  • Inspiring innovation, technological and entrepreneurial transfer are an integral part of the education and research.
  • The School provides different possibilities to improve the level and renew knowledge for the advantage of cadres of various economic and social sectors.