The Departments

The School consists of two departments:

  • The Department of Public Policies and Comparative Systems
  • The Department of International Relations

A department constitutes a unit of teaching and research in each of the specialization. It provides the following:

  • preparatory education,
  • education at the second academic level,
  • training for dissertation and scientific research.

The department is run by the head of the department in addition to a scientific committee and if applicable by research laboratories or groups.

The departments are created in accordance with the order of the Minister of Higher Education.

The head of the department is in charge of the administration and tutoring. He is assisted by service heads and laboratory or research group heads if needed.

According to the recommendation of the School’s Director, the head of the department, a scholar of the highest rank, is appointed by the Minister of Higher Education for a three-year period, renewable once. The term of the head of the department comes to an end in the same way.