The Scientific Committee

Each of the two Departments, at the Higher National School of Political Science has its specific scientific committee.

The Scientific Committee has an advisory role, in this behalf it is to consider and advise, express opinion pertaining to the following:

  • the organization of study and its content,
  • proposals for opening of sections or specialization at the second level, the continuation or closure of these,
  • proposals for research projects, organization of research work,
  • suggestions for the creation or closure of research laboratories,
  • proposals for new sections of specialization for the doctorate, their continuation or closure, determining the number of positions needed,
  • characteristics of the scholars needed for these,
  • approval of dissertation topics at the doctoral level and suggestion of jury,
  • suggestions as for programs of Continuous Education, raising standard and knowledge renewal,
  • survey of results of teaching and scientific work, this survey is to be sent to the Director including recommendations and opinions,
  • other educational or scientific subjects of interest presented by the head of department.

The Scientific Committee convenes every two months at a normal session to the summons of its president. It can also convene at an extra ordinary session at the request of its president or two thirds of its members.