The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is an advisory board expressing its opinion and recommendations on the following:

  • the project of the institution
  • annual and multi annual plans for training and research
  • plans for creation, revision or closure of departments and units of research as needed
  • programs for scientific cooperation and exchange on the national and international level
  • results of training and research
  • partnership programs with different social and economic sectors
  • programs for scientific events
  • evaluation of research results
  • yield from acquisition of scientific and technical documentation
  • activities pertaining to innovation, alertness as well as technological and entrepreneurial transfer
  • activities for continuous education and standard improvement, renewal of knowledge
  • activities to ensure high quality teaching
  • activities to set up a communication system
  • directives for research as well as for scientific and technological documentation
  • any scientific or education matter presented by the president.


The Scientific Council is composed of:

  • the Director as its president
  • Assistant Directors
  • Heads of Departments
  • Presidents of the departmental scientific committees
  • Presidents of research units and/or research laboratories if needed
  • the head of the library
  • elected representatives of the scholars
  • an elected representative of associate professors if applicable
  • 2 scholars from other institutions of higher education.

The Scientific Council of the School can always draw on any person who could provide assistance.

An elected representative of the scholars cannot at the same time hold a high ranking position at the School.

The Scientific Council convenes twice a year at a normal session called upon by its president. It can also hold an extra ordinary session at the request of its president or two thirds of its members. An order from the Minister of Higher Education defines the procedures of Scientific Council.