External Relations

International Agreements

  •   Convention of cooperation with the Institute of Political Studies, Grenoble, France
  •   Convention of cooperation with the University of Bucharest, Romania
  •   Convention of cooperation with the Geneva International Peace Research Institute ( GIPRI )
  •   Convention for the Approach Based on Human Laws in Higher Education in the Arab Maghreb ( ABDEM )


National Agreements

  • Protocol of Cooperation with the National Advisory Committee for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (Council of Human Rights) to exchange  joint expertise and the proliferate of Human Rights culture.
  • Protocol of agreement with the Algerian Agency of Youth Exchange to  sharing expertise and participation in cultural and intellectual activities
  • Convention of cooperation with the University of Tamanrasset
  • Convention of cooperation with the University of  Setif 2
  • Convention of cooperation with the University of Tebessa
  • Convention with the Universities of Mostaganem and Ouergla for furthering the exchange and easy movement of students
  • Convention of cooperation with the Military Institute for Documentation, Evaluation & Prospective (IMDEP)

Convention of cooperation between ENSSP and the University Center of Tamanrasset

An agreement for cooperation was signed at the University of Tamanrasset by Professor Mustapha Saidj, Director of ENSSP, and Professor Abdelghani Choucha, Director of the University Center of Tamanrasset. This agreement aims at promoting cultural and scientific exchange through cooperation in the field of higher education and scientific research through joint academic programs and training for students.

Cooperation among the teaching staff members and among the students

  1. Both sides should encourage the organization of conferences and symposia on specific study subjects to be agreed upon beforehand.
  2. Both parties should exchange research, theses, and dissertations.
  3. Both partners should encourage their teaching staff to publish their research in peer-reviewed journals.
  4. Both sides should work together at research centers in joint projects, writing, and panel discussions on previously agreed upon topics.

Exchange of students

Both partners should encourage visits of students’ delegations to forward scientific and cultural exchange. The list with the names of the students, duration and cost should be agreed upon in advance. Each delegation should be presided and accompanied by a teaching staff member acting as supervisor.