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The National Graduate School of Political Sciences

The National Graduate School of Political Sciences is a public institution of scientific character. It was created on August 10th, 2009 (Executive Decree N°09-251 on creation of the National Graduate School of Political Sciences).The latter is under the supervision authority of the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Its head office is located (11, chemin Doudou Mokhtar, Ben Aknoun, Algiers).The NGSPS is a legal entity with financial autonomy.

The NGSPS was created on August 10th,2009


The National Graduate School of Political Sciences aims mainly to ensure postgraduate courses (Master, Doctorate), Multidisciplinary courses leading to master and doctorate degrees with habilitation of research.

      In addition to teaching missions and research, the NGSPS aims essentially an institution that:

  • Participates at the functional and synthetic-continuing education by organizing upgrade trainings, seminars, workshops and study days.
  • Serves the country in reflection, the training of high level executives and researchers and highly competitive in national and international market, who will have the capacity to face the challenges and issues - both national and international.
  • Provides theoretical and practical high level course by using a national and foreign supervision in the fields of political sciences, international relations and diplomacy, geopolitics, management of conflicts, in connection with other disciplines: economical and legal, social and human sciences.

It aims to become a big school in the Mediterranean. As It aligns its mission and objectives in the present, and especially in the future by providing quality trainings. Emerging issues and internal and external challenges, internationalization of higher education require the rigor of NGSPS as well as seriousness, adaptation and openness to the world.

 references to texts: Decrees executives; N° 05-500 of 29/12/2005, N° 09-251 of 10/08/2005
Pursue the following missions :
  • Promoting research and scientific innovation
  • New approaches to teaching and research in political and social sciences
  • Encouraging reflection and enhancement of the pedagogical creativity
  • Active participation in the development of the country taking into account the national and international realities and favoring the local and regional area of Algeria
The assigned objectives to school are :
  • Build a coherent and effective system of academic training, operational and open to our national and international environment.
  • Ensure the training of elite of high-level practitioners, competitive in the job market.
  • Participate in the development of scientific and professional capacity of national managerial staff through ongoing training, retraining, internships and seminars.
  • Give consultations and advice to institutions at their request.
The board of school consists of:
  • The Minister of Higher Education or his representative, chairman
  • A representative of the Minister of Finance.
  • A representative of the Minister of National Education.
  • A representative of the Minister of Vocational Training and Education. A representative of the authority for the public service.
  • A representative of the authority for Scientific Research.
  • Representative of the main user sectors whose list is set by the school’s creation decree. An elected representative of higher ranking teaching staffs of each department.
  • Two representatives elected of assistant lecturers.
  • An elected representative of associate teachers, if any.
  • Two elected representatives of administrative and technical staffs and service. Two elected representatives of students.

The director, deputy directors, department heads and the library director attend meetings of the Board in an advisory capacity, four (4) representatives’ at most legal entities and / or natural persons contributing to the funding of the school, appointed from among those who ensure the greatest participation efforts. The board meets at least twice a year in an ordinary session upon request of its chairman. It may meet in extraordinary session upon request of its president, director, or two-thirds (2/3) of its members.

The Board deliberates about:
  • The school development plans.
  • The programming proposals for training and research.
  • The Proposals for exchange programs and national and international scientific cooperation. The annual report for training and research
  • The Projects plans of Human Ressources management.
  • The projets of budgets and financial accounts.
  • The acceptance of gifts, donations, various grants and contributions.
  • Acquisitions, sales or renting of estates.
  • The loans to be contracted.
  • Projects of creation of subsidiaries and equity participation.
  • The prevention state of school resources and the modalities of using them in improvement of education and research activities.
  • The internal rules and regulations. The annual report activities submitted by the Director.

One of the most important bodies of the NGSPS being the Scientific Council;
The members of the Scientific Council (according to the decree N° 05-500 of 29/12/2005) :

  • The director, president,
  • The deputy directors,
  • Heads of departments,
  • The chairmen of scientific committees of departments
  • The directors of the research units and / or laboratories, where appropriate,
  • The director of the library,
  • An elected representative of teachers with professor rank, if there is none, a lecturer of each department,
  • An elected representative of lecturers,
  • An elected representative of the associated teachers, if necessary, two permanent teachers belonging to other higher education institutions.
Functioning and Prerogatives:

The Board meets twice a year in ordinary session, convened by its President. It may meet in extraordinary session at the request of either the minister of higher education, or by its President or two-thirds (2/3) of its members (Article 22). The functioning modalities of the Scientific Council are fixed by order of the Minister of Higher Education (Article 23).


(See also article 20 of the executive decree N°05-500 of 29/12/2005 establishing the missions and the specific rules of organization and functioning of the school outside university (article 23).

The scientific activity of NGSPS is administered and directed by Scientific Committees of Departments.
Scientific Committee members of Departments (by decree 05-500 of 29/12/2005) :

  • The head of department ,
  • Six to eight representatives of teachers,
  • If necessary, two associate teachers.
Functioning and Prerogatives:
  • Teachers’representatives are elected by their peers among the active permanent teachers of the department, for a period of three years, renewable.
  • The number of professors, lecturers, assistant lecturers in the Scientific Committee, is determined according to criteria set by the Minister of Higher Education.
  • The committee shall elect from among teachers justifying the highest grade, a President for a term of three years, renewable once under the same procedure.

(See article 20 of the executive decree N°05-500 of 29/12/2005 establishing the missions and the specific rules of organization and functioning of the school outside university (article 23).

The management of the ENSTP is ensured, according to regulatory texts regulating its activity and the origin of its creation, by an executive board and a management board.
The Executive Bureau :

  • The director,
  • The deputy directors,
  • The Secretary General,
  • The director of the library,
  • Heads of departments
THE Management board:

The members (according to Decree 05-500 of 29/12/2005):

  • The director,
  • The Deputy Director studies and diplomas,
  • The Deputy Director of post-graduation and scientific research,
  • The Deputy Director of continuing education and external relations,
  • The director of the library,
  • Heads of departments.

The management board meets at least once a month, the secretariat is ensured by the secretary-general.