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The Wi-Fi connection is available in the reading room

Reminder: Please approach the library to get your username and password in order to access to SNDL

Opening hours

From Sunday to Thursday

8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m


8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

Presentation of the Library

  • The library is located on the fourth floor of the school. It consists of four rooms; two for reading and the other two rooms are for documentation and a reading room specific to teachers of the school.

  • The staff of the administrative area of the library is qualified and attentive to the grievances of teachers and students,the latter is the most important pillar of the School. This constantly enriches by a considerable contribution for researchers in political sciences in particular and those belonging to various fields such as: communication sciences, humanities and legal sciences.

  • A variety of books published by publishing houses with a reputation in the publishing world, targeting a polyglot audience that masters Arabic, English and French. Many authors, thorny and current issues specialists are selected to feed the research works of the School students.

  • The Wi-Fi connection in the library allows students to access online to documentation. The availability of high speed broadband Internet network opens up other sources like SNDL / National System of Online Documentation. The resources of the School are available online thanks to the efforts of the director of the library in order to share them with the other institutions.

  • Each year theses made by students of the School and those of other institutions are listed alongside periodicals, journals in order to allow students to update their knowledge.

  • What is opac

    An index that includes all the works which are the wealth of the national graduate school of Political Sciences library

  • What is CCDZ ?

    The CCDZ includes all the documentary resources of libraries in the higher education sector.

  • What is PNST ?

    The National Portal Reporting Theses (PNST) is a device for the management of the national scientific production of theses

  • What is SNDL?

    The SNDL allows you to access to the national and international electronic documentation, very rich and varied, covering all areas of education and scientific research....



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