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Presentation of the Department of Military and Strategic Studies.

The opening of the Department of Military and Strategic Studies at the National Graduate School of Political Sciences was motivated by the understanding and assessment of situations prevailing on the national and international scene.

Since the school forms elite, students of the department have the right to education taking into account the geopolitical dynamics of Algeria. As such, the taught modules are focused on major issues related to the two specialties, which are  :

  • Strategic and international studies.

  • International conflicts managment

It should be noted that the National Graduate School of Political Sciences is distinguished by the creation of this department, unique in its kind at the national level. In fact, it aims to:

  • High-level course in the military and security fields, allowing the students to acquire academic knowledge and the latest information in order to understand the major issues relevant to this strategic sector.
  • Students are constantly encouraged to conduct studies and research in the field of military and security sciences in order to find points of convergence with the political sciences.

  • The department ensures providing the analytical tools and techniques of approach for better understanding of the international conflicts management.
  • The specialties taught allow students to develop skills, gain the mastery of methods and approaches to complete in long-term strategic and prospective studies. That said, the academic education to students aims to help them get involved and participate in the process of national development in the areas of their competence.

  • Following this teaching provided by teachers who have dual status of academics and experts (retired military officer ,a high-ranking official in state institutions ...) coordinated by the head of department Mr. Hocine Djenouhat, researcher professor and former senior officer of the People's National Army. The emphasis is on the need to offer to the labor market experts and advisers on military, security and strategic studies as well as conflict management.