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PresenationN of Department: Regional Studies

Chronologically, the department of « Regional Studies » is the newest department at NGSPS.

This department has currently five Master courses and two in Doctorate. It plans to open new specialties in the very near future.

Master courses :

  • Regional Area and International Relations of Algeria.

  • African Studies.

  • European Studies.

Doctoral courses :

  • International Studies

  • Regional Studies

Soon, the department will propose two other Master course, which are :

  • Asian Studies

  • American Studies

The departments’ courses reflect the importance of the regional role of Algeria and the effects of the near or distant regional environment on Algeria.

Rich and updated educational programs are provided in both Arabic and French by an educational supervision team composed of permanent lecturers and external consultants.

Currently, Mr. FOUDILI is the head of this department, an economist, having evolved in several higher education and research institutions.