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the Directorates

Missions and Rules

In the framework of the Executive Decree N° 05-500 establishing the mission and the specific rules of organization and functioning of the school outside university, the interministerial order;
Of 17 September 2007 fixing the administrative organization of the school outside of university, the Directorate of Continuing Education and External Relations was opened.

Article 5 of interministerial order above mentioned indicates the prerogatives of the deputy director of continuing education and external relations :

The deputy director of continuing education and external relations is responsible for :
  • Promoting continuing education activities, improvement and reeducation under the direction of executives of socio-economic sectors in relation to the school’s calling areas;
  • Promoting the school's relations with its socioeconomic environment and initiating partnership programs;
  • Keeping the statistics file of the school;
  • Making pieces of information available to students so as to help them in their orientation;
  • Making pieces of information available to students to help them in their orientation;
  • Initiating actions in order to promote exchange and cooperation with other higher education institutions.
Assisted by:
  • The head of the continuing education service;
  • The head of external relations service;
  • The head of statistics and guidance service.
Continuing Education in NGSPS


  • Allow any person to complete or redirect a career.
  • Participate in the economical and social development of our country.
  • Maintaining partnership relations in terms of continuing education.
  • Offer a diversified range of degree or qualification courses.

Targeted Audience

  • The Executives of public institutions, ministries, public administrations
  • The leaders of associations, civil society
  • The officers of the military and national security
  • The elected politicians.
Forms Of Continuing Education:
How to access a la carte courses ?
  • Define precisely your need for the course
  • Using the form below, fill in your details (Surname, Forename, Phone, Email) and fill in the text field indicating the area of knowledge targeted and the number of hours you want to devote to it
  • Upon reception of this form, a course advisor will review your application and identify the best course module in connection with your application
  • An estimate will be proposed
  • A financial file may be elaborated for support of the amount of course costs (employer or funding agency)
  • You receive your course schedule
  • You follow the course module
  • A course certificate is issued to you
Contact Us:

Directorate of continuing education and External Relations .

  • Tel: +213 23 23 01 11
    023 23 01 11
  • Mail : (Office of continuing education)

Presentation of the sub-directorate of Studies and degree

The sub-directorate of studies and diplomas is charge of the educational tasks as follows:

  • The monitoring of students,
  • Development of timetables
  • Planning exams, cultural activities and scientific meetings.
  • The coordination between different departments of the School and especially ensuring the application of the internal rules and regulation.
  • Put students in different institutions to do an internship.

The Sub-Directorate is headed by Mr. Maghraoui Lokmane lecturer Docotor in political science and to his credits numerous studies on education policy in Algeria and around the world. His availability and attentive listening facilitates the daily life of the school

Presentation of the Directorate:

The Directorate of postgraduate studies and scientific research within the ENSSP, shall ensure the quality of theoretical and practical quality for doctoral students (L.M.D)

So far, two classes are being formed. The first is at the end of the third semester of the course, while the second is at the end of the second.

The doctoral students are about 31 in the first class and 40 in the second one. They are spread over four specialties covered within the school;:

  • Strategic studies
  • International Studies
  • Public Policy
  • Communications and Developments