Ecole Nationale supérieure de sciences politiques

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Specifications of the NGSPS

  • Name: The National Graduate School of Political Sciences


  • Creation date: August 10th, 2009

  • ADDRESS: 11, chemin Doudou Mokhtar, Ben Aknoun, Algiers

  • Status: Public Institution of Scientific Character

  • Supervisory Authority: Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

  • Specificity: A big training school, henceforth a center of excellence

  • Missions:  The NGSPS essentially aims an institution that:

  • Serves the country in reflection, the training of high level executives and researchers and highly competitive in national and international market, who will have the capacity to face the challenges and issues - both national and international.

  • Provides theoretical and practical high level education by using a national and foreign supervision in the fields of political sciences, international relations and diplomacy, geopolitics, management of conflicts, in connection with other disciplines: economical and legal, social and human sciences...

  • Offering Pedagogical and scientific program reflecting the evolution of our country and the world.

  • Participating in continuing education - Synthetic and functional - by organizing upgrading trainings, seminars and study days.

  • Following the local development,

  • And finally, an advisory body.